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We provide affordable Government Proposal Support Services to small businesses and federal subcontractors throughout the US – namely, Proposal Development As A Services (PDaaS). Our work includes Proposal Support Services that will help you streamline your Bid and Proposal workflow, reduce false starts and improve your Probablity of Win (Pwin). (See Testimonials.) Our team works seamlessly with your organization on proposal development to include the following support benefits:

  • Compliance Matrix Development within 24 hours
  • Proposal Outline Template Design Created and Delivered with Compliance Matrix.

The first RFP development review consists of our review of both the Solicitation, The Compliance Matrix and the Proposal Outline. We will use these two tools to help us perform the SWOT analysis and Develop Win Themes. Click here to schedule a RFP Assessment Consultation with one of our Proposal Managers.

Spencer Cole, LLC also supports

  • Development of Customized Proposal Branding, Table and Figure Graphics, Formatting Styles and Covers (e.g., Binders, Spine, and Proposal Cover Page)
  • Timely RFP Amendment Dispositioning
  • Compliance-Based Desktop Publishing
  • Shipley©-based Proposal Color Reviews, Data Calls and Scheduling
  • RFP Compliance Review
  • Proposal Production, Packaging, and Delivery

Spencer Cole’s team of proposal developers will support your proposal development needs in a specific role or we can offer you a turnkey solution based on stated need.

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Proposal Development and Management Services & Solutions

Services we provide include, but are not limited to the following:


As the Proposal Manager, we serve as the single focal point for all day-to-day management for the proposal team, volumes and production. Our Proposal Managers own the proposal development process. We work with our clients primary stakeholders to create win themes, develop assignments, schedules and appropriate reviews. In this role, we ensure completion of all associated proposal development tasks and overall proposal quality.


Simply put, we work with our clients to develop the end client’s demands as defined in the RFP are met. We develop strategies centered around the principles believed to meet the evaluation criteria employed by the Source Selection Committee members to evaluate your offering.


We serve as the single focal point for all proposal development efforts. Our primary goal is to ensure your proposal is developed in a consistent, predictable and well-conceived manner. While we employ industry-standard Proposal Development procedures and processes to ensure internal control and overall product quality, each effort is treated as a unique opportunity and to that end, we tailor the tools and processes employed to optimize results.


We conduct periodic reviews during the entire proposal development lifecycle. Proposal reviews follow a disciplined and logical process culminating in a progressively mature proposal response. These reviews are conducted to assess the soundness of the proposal win strategy. They further evaluate the technical, management, past performance and cost volumes compliance and responsiveness to the RFP.


Proposal compliance is the leading reason used by source selection committee members to reject proposals. We work with you to ensure your proposal is responsive and compliant to the RFP. However, every good proposal manager knows that a compliant proposals do not always equal winning proposals, in this regard, we go a step further to ensure all proposal volumes align to produce a compelling offering to produce superior content.


We provide proposals that include compelling textual, graphic and video presentations that translate/communicate complicated and complex ideas which can be easily understood by evaluation team members. We work with our clients to create RFP-compliant proposal graphics from basic outlines and sketches.


Often overlooked, Proposal Production is a critical step in the delivery of a responsive and compliant RFP response. As your Production team, we will evaluate the publishing requirements (e.g. formatting, graphic designs, integration, type, layout, delivery method), and in coordination with the Proposal Manager, we will oversee the production timelines and schedules.