Spencer Cole, LLC: Advanced Engineering Systems Consultants has over 10 years of expertise in the Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) field. Our objective is to optimize existing resources and reduce life cycle costs of your products through strategic and direct partnership. Our logisticians have end-to-end logistics experience—bringing credibility, a wide spectrum of program(s) knowledge and proven methods to your business operations.

Spencer Cole, LLC believes the key to a productive and cost effective ILS program is tailoring to our clients mission requirements. We partner with our clients through all phases of the ILS program cycle to bring cost effective and strategic solutions. Our process begins by assessing your needs, defining program mission and goals, then developing a plan to optimize efficiencies and decrease costs.

We designed our integrated logistics support program with flexibility in mind. We ensure each assigned staff member is highly trained and certified to effectively manage your requirements. Spencer Cole employs a rigorous continuous improvement process for product consistency and repeatability; metrics management to measure efficiency and effectiveness; and, utilizes DoD Risk Management processes to effectively manage program risks.

Capability Summary

For more information regarding our Logistics Support capabilities preview or download our 1-page Spec Sheet.