Clients select Spencer Cole Solutions

Spencer Cole understands that today’s economy warrants low-cost, minimal risk solutions. Clients select Spencer Cole Solutions for four basic reasons…

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Exceeds Expectations. Innovative. Tailored Designs.

These three phrases summarize our commitment to providing EXCELLENCE – quality Engineering, Technology and Management Consulting solutions. They further support our business model to reduce the number of high-risk and failing projects, while reducing the unclaimed costs associated with them. Spencer Cole, LLC is an Advanced Engineering Systems company with significant expertise in C4ISR. Our technical team brings a wealth of experience in innovative engineering and management services gained while working on a myriad of missile, aviation, avionic subsystem design, electro-optical sensor suites, land systems, commercial emergency advisory systems, health information systems, databases, wafer fabrication tools, and printed circuit board manufacturing programs for industry and government clients.

Our Systems Engineering solution is the result of multiple years of product lifecycle development and specialization in recovery of high risk and/or failing projects. Our PMs and SMEs work industriously alongside our customers to provide seamless integration of technical expertise during program execution.

Our Engineering and Management Product and Services Solutions are highlighted below.

The Seven Product and Services Solutions Offered by Spencer Cole

The Seven Product and Services Solutions Offered by Spencer Cole

Program and Project Management Logistics Support Augmentation Staffing Specialty Engineering Training Information Technology Engineering Design and Development