Restoring Baseline Costs and Schedules


Department of Defense Federal Subcontractor

This case study highlights our work to help this organization resolve large unexplained program cost, schedule, labor and material variances that plagued the program IPT.


  To provide the program office with reliable, timely and actionable information that could be used to manage the project more effectively.


Large unexplained program cost, schedule, labor and material variances. No program management control and very little insight as to the reason for data provided in reports. The IPT had no clear understanding and appreciation for EVMS as a cost accounting, management and programmatic reporting tool

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Developed and implemented programmatic Earned Value Management System (EVMS) tools and controls to report program health.

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Key Benefits

Timely and reliable Cost Account Management data, which improved program management visibility into the health of the program

Development team was given a tool to report program management accountability to the triple constraint

Improved relations between the IPT, IPPA, Finance & Accounting and the program office

Improvement in reporting accuracy and the overall quality of data

The IPT and Program Office gained confidence in the accuracy of data presented by the IPT.

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Restoring Baseline Costs and Schedules Case Study

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