Reducing Process Lead-Time

Business Process Analysis


Discover how we streamlined the creation of new product configurations and the resulting positive affects it had on both internal and external customers desiring specialized product configurations in this case study.


  Reduce New Product Configuration Creation Lead time from 2 weeks to 48 hours


Based on the number of interchangeable parts there was a significantly large number of configuration options to choose from.  Consequently, the number of associated Document Change Orders (DCOs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) affected paralleled the number of configurations as well as the associated affects to the warehouse, production and machine shop operations.

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We created a process to streamline the creation of a new product configuration and the associated affects it had on internal and external process customers.

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Key Benefits

An 80% reduction in product lead-time

Customers were able to order their chosen configurations and receive normal product development lead times without the extra delays caused by the creation of a new product configuration.

Streamlined processes

External customer satisfaction

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Reducing Process Lead-Time Case Study

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