NEW!!!!! Spencer Cole collaborates with industry partners to bring world class IT and Telecommunications products and Services

January 2015
Spencer Cole collaborates with industry partners to bring world class IT and Telecommunications products and services to our customers — adding Value Added Reseller to our growing list of capabilities. Through our extensive collaboration and partnerships, Spencer Cole has positioned itself as a gateway to many of the worlds most diverse portfolios in the industry. Our IT services focus on the delivery of High Speed Internet, Voice, Data, Cloud, Security, Cable/FiberTV and IT Products. Spencer Cole is partnered with world-wide fortune 500 providers for real-time quotes for service at the wholesale level.

The value of any solution whether services or product lies in the productivity and efficiency gained during its employ. With this new addition of IT products and services, Spencer Cole is sharpening its focus on becoming a Total Solutions Provider (TSP).

Our IT service value offerings include comprehensive, Business Process Automation (BPA), database and application development, data mining and analysis, as well as internal and external business connectivity. Improved efficiencies and effectiveness are the results.

Spencer Cole, LLC Launches New Website Presence to Introduce Services and Solutions Offerings

    January 2015
Spencer Cole launches new website presence as a platform for communicating services and solutions offerings.  With the launch of our new website, interested parties (e.g. existing and potential customers, partners, vendors, teammates or employee candidates) are given an inside look into our corporate history, mission, vision and the characteristics that make us unique.  We encourage you to explore the site. Feel free to peruse our pages!  We are working diligently to evolve the organization from an emerging small business to a multi-faceted organization with a definitive niche in the risk management, and product development markets.

Spencer Cole, LLC was established as a direct result of assessing the need for results-oriented services related to recovering failing programs and reclaiming the associated financial losses.  To this end, Ms. Bell’s philosophy is simple, “’Get in. Get out’.  We want to be seen and known as solutions providers.  Not interested in milking long-term contracts for years to come, we only want to “help where needed” and then we want to bow out gracefully and move on to the next project.  Of course, we welcome long-term relationships – and, quite frankly we probably would not be able to maintain an existence without them; however, there is something to be gained by working on a project, delivering as promised and receiving referrals and an “ask back” letter when future problems arise.  This brings us joy!”

“The website, aside from being aesthetically pleasing and really cool, is designed to have a natural progression and flow, agile, interactive and easier to peruse, read and navigate.  These features will enable you, our clients, vendors, partners and interested parties, to find the information you need quickly.  Equally important, the heart and soul of the company’s messages and value propositions are made evident and clear. We hope that during your visit, your interest is peaked as you become better acquainted with who we are as a company.  Better yet, we would love to “do business” with you.  To this end, we welcome your call.  Will we hear from you today?”

Spencer Cole, LLC Establishes offices and Physical Presence in Alabama

  May 9, 2014
Spencer Cole establishes new offices in Cumming’s Research Park in the Tennessee Valley.  Spencer Cole, the premier engineering systems consulting firm first debuting in our Nation’s Capitol Region, has been working for two years to establish roots in the Southeastern region.  We are proud to say that we have established a new location in Huntsville, Alabama.

The CRP office will serve as a hub for Spencer Cole’s Southeastern division offices, afford better access and customer services to existing Huntsville based customers, as well as grant visibility while establish new relationships locally and within the region.

Spencer Cole, LLC Pursues Mandatory Credentials to Become a Recognized United States Department of Defense Contractor

April 2013
Spencer Cole, LLC begins the process to obtain a Department of Defense Secret Facility Clearance.

Spencer Cole’s Owner Receives Certified Modeling and Simulation Professional (CMSP) Certificate

August 2012
Spencer Cole, LLC owner receives Certified Modeling and Simulation Professional (CMSP) Certificate.

Spencer Cole, LLC Registers with SBA as an Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (EDWOSB)

September 2011
Spencer Cole, LLC registers with SBA as an Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (EDWOSB).

SC Awarded Engineering Services Recruiting Contract

August 11, 2011
SC Awarded Engineering Services Recruiting Contract.

Staff Augmentation Sector

August 10, 2011
Spencer Cole Launches Staff Augmentation Sector.

First IT Program Management Services Contract

June 14, 2011
SC Awarded First IT Program Management Services Contract.

Small Woman and Minority Certification from Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise (VA DMBE).

March 7, 2011
SC Receives Small Woman and Minority Certification from Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise (VA DMBE).

Spencer Cole, LLC Established!

June 14, 2010
Spencer Cole, LLC launched to provide Engineering Design and Development support services to commercial and federal organizations. Spencer Cole Engineers and Program Managers thrive off of results achieved from the recovery of high risk and failing projects. The company was established to provide a platform for our organization to assist Clients in recovery and reclamation efforts associated with program and engineering shortfalls. 

Many public and private sector organizations have high risk, failing, and/or abandoned projects. Often times these organizations have unclaimed successes due to the lack of dedicated Subject Matter Experts and Program Management professionals with the breadth of expertise and technical acumen to effectively and efficiently reclaim these programs. As a result they (organizations with high-risk and failing projects) often times compound the issues associated with the projects in their current state by the methods they choose to “demonstrate turnaround” to management – until ultimately these projects become either abandoned, scrapped, written off and/or fail. 

This is where we would like to enter the marketplace.

We reclaim these and/or similiar projects from abandonment, failure and loss, we train the existing staff on measurement and analysis techniques to help them manage and continue the product lifecycle development efforts and then we turn the projects back over to the organization for continued success. We offer recurring monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance support  and are happy to provide manpower for those customers who would like for us to remain on the program to continue support as active Integrated Product Team (IPT) participants.