Improving Product Yield

Product Development

Semiconductor Measurement Device Manufacturer

This case study details how our seasoned Spencer Cole Engineering staff developed and refined manufacturing processes to improve post production yield rates from 40% to 95%.


  Improve product yield for newly Released To Manufacturing (RTMed) products


The customer released a new product to manufacturing which had a significantly low yield rate of 40%.

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Developed processes to improve post production yield rates from 40 to 95%.

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Key Benefits

Improved manufactured product yield to 95%

Root cause identification and mitigation of key contributor to reduced yield numbers

Worked with parts vendor/supplier to understand their manufacturing processes.  Created improved manufacturing procedures which lead to the delivery of better materials

Developed incoming material screening process to identify discrepant material earlier in the manufacturing process.  These efforts led to a reduction in rework costs

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Improving Product Yield Case Study

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