Image Processor Rehost Trade Study

Program Management

Department of Defense Federal Subcontractor

Discover how we streamlined the creation of new product configurations and the resulting positive affects it had on both internal and external customers desiring specialized product configurations in this case study.


  Perform trade study to rehost Image Processor functions to the front end sensors


Resources: Hardware, Lab, Personnel, multiple simultaneous programs and the staff were geographically disbursed throughout the US

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1) Performed trade study to determine best cost value option (Independent Validation and Verification of vendor recommendations); 2) Identified HW and SW requirements; 3) Defined program plan for cost, schedule, and resources using legacy and future data to fit program platform goals; and, 4) Augmented staff as required.

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Key Benefits

Defined the best value option for the program platform

Identified a solution that met customer requirements for future modification

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Image Processor Rehost Trade Study Case Study

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