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GSA did it again earlier this month. They rolled out the GSA OASIS On-Ramp solicitation announcement for the Unrestricted Business sizes in Pools 1, 3, and 4. While “it’s not complicated, it is complex”. Now these words are not my own – but, I’m sure Rodney ? wouldn’t mind that I remembered his words of guidance to me.

GSA OASIS On-Ramping is the prime opportunity to proudly display your organizations excellent performance, diverse, vast and geographically disbursed portfolio of both Government AND Commercial contracts. That’s right, AND Commercial Contracts. More about that should you decide to pursue.

For those of you who are familiar with GSA OASIS – GREAT! You are among the minority. For those of you who are not familiar with GSA OASIS contracting vehicle (CV) – allow me to explain.

While “it’s not complicated, it is complex!”Rodney K.

GSA has created a mega-billion dollar contracting vehicle whereby CV holders are eligible to both solicit and have their products and services procured from ANY Federal agency desiring to use the vehicle. Thus, the name OASIS – while meant to stand for One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services…. It really is a type of watering hole for organizations who could benefit from contracts and past performance replenishment from several down economies.

GSA OASIS is a multi-agency, multi-mission space, multi-core discipline vehicle that covers most, if not all, services procured by the Federal Government. CV holders become a member of an elite pool of qualified Federal contractors who are eligible to compete in a limited pool for programs, task orders, products and services procured by the Federal Government. This CV narrows the playing field down considerably for companies desiring to pursue Federal contracts. And while participating in this program, CV holders need not get too comfortable; because, now they are playing in a level field with the elite of the elite in terms of qualifications and contracting expertise akin to their own – with some exceptions;

  • Specialized experience still counts;
  • Relationships trump resources; and,
  • Past Performance is KING.

For some businesses, even large businesses, there is only one issue – the amount of due diligence required to pursue OASIS. Many Federal contractors (large, medium and small) simply do not have the bandwidth to pursue OASIS.

The five most common hindrances and how our organization can help:

1) Contracts Review – Many business owners think it is as simple as we have “lots” of contract potentials and so we are a sure win. Not so fast. Having lots of contracts is great in terms of having a potential pool of contracts; however, do these contracts have the right attributes?

PROBLEM SOLVED: Spencer Cole facilitates answering this question for Federal contractors by performing a detailed contracts review to determine the list of eligible contracts. Thereby, eliminating the need to overload internal staff with the tedious task of reviewing all contracts; thereby, freeing internal staff up to perform other essential duties.

2) Downselect –Simply put, internal staff is already inundated by other high priority projects. Often times they do not have the bandwidth to perform an adequate downselect of contracts.

PROBLEM SOLVED: Spencer Cole, LLC solves this problem for you by reviewing your contract documentation, contracts and award data to determine your pursuit contracts. We render our results to you for review, chair a downselect meeting with you and your team and proceed as approved.

3) Data – Mountains and mountains of data to be gathered, assessed and annotated for a Go-No Go decision.

  • a. Gathering
  • b. Assessment
  • c. Annotation

d. Go-No Go aka Approval to Proceed… Need we say more?

PROBLEM SOLVED: Choose a contractor who will streamline the process for you by helping you identify the appropriate data to accompany your proposal. We begin gathering the requisite artifacts to complete your proposal. This is followed by strategic and orderly data calls that facilitate a timely, organized and methodical completion of your proposal. The key step during this phase is compliance. We carefully assess all of your artifacts to ensure compliance with solicitation requirements.

4) Teaming – During the data gathering, assessment phase is where many contractors fall out of the OASIS bidding process. Because, herein is where the rubber meets the road. If the artifacts presented do not meet the minimum requirements, we advise customers against pursuing OASIS with the artifacts presented. In some cases, it is a matter of a loss of points, 25, 50, 75, 100, 350, 800, etc. In some cases, it is a matter of not being able to use that contract at all – which could mean the loss of all the aggregate points allocated to that contract.

PROBLEM SOLVED: This is when we begin to discuss teaming as the most viable option for proceeding with OASIS pursuit. We help you identify the right type of teaming partner who can support increasing your self-assessment scores.

5) Upload to Symphony – This is where many OASIS pursuers fall apart. The daunting task of uploading all of the requisite data, files and artifacts to Symphony, learning the Symphony system and ensuring compliance to the upload procedures is overwhelming for many small businesses who are not used to complex databases or simply do not have the bandwidth.

PROBLEM SOLVED: Choose a contractor who will support you through proposal submission. We will serve as your designated administrative support in Symphony. We have the bandwidth and we can upload your artifacts to Symphony.

It is not too late to begin your pursuit.
Our advice to you. If you are already behind the curve ball, you know your staff does not have the bandwidth, understanding or simply time, let us help you resolve your pursuit issues.

Our OASIS packages include onsite support of your proposal preparation and completion. Inquire today by sending an email to: RFI@spencercole.com with the subject line: OASIS Support Request or give us a call at .

For more information on this topic or to learn how Spencer Cole, LLC can help, please schedule a free consultation with our team.

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