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Spencer Cole Engineering staff revamped the Operations Performance Plant Reporting database to provide Engineering with an optimized data reporting tool. This case study highlights our work on this effort.


  Re-design existing database to incorporate ERP system data with data collected manually and provide a reporting tool for management review, analysis and reporting.


The existing plant operations data was collected and maintained in a disparate manner. There was no streamlined method of correlating data for analysis, issue resolution and reporting. As a result, engineering and manufacturing issues where unmanageable.

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Imported disparate data into one streamlined database. Built the necessary tables, defined relationships, created all required queries, forms and reports.

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Key Benefits

Incorporated macros to perform all daily data import functions with one-step button commands – thereby reducing all manual data import and correlation processes.

New database design provides an integrated picture of the organization’s manufacturing operations

The new database design minimizes data inconsistency

Data access is faster and more accurate. The new system provides users with an enhanced access to data which results in a faster data recovery, analysis and on demand reporting mechanisms

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Database Design & Development Case Study

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