Client Small Business (Federal Subcontractor)

Industry Administrative & Training (Commercial)

Goal Develop and Manage proposal effort for an RFP response within 8 days.

Challenges This High Risk Project required coordination of a 10 member team with no history or background knowledge of customer requirements.

Solution Developed a 90 page proposal response within 8 days as planned.

Key Benefits

Provided client with comprehensive proposal development support services solutions to include compliance, assessments, management, writing, reviews and production. 

Managed the overall process for the client and internal teams according to the schedule to ensure timely completion of key activities.

Managed the entire effort, freeing up the customer to maintain focus on daily tasks

Trained current staff on proposal development support services solutions processes.

Held multiple color team reviews (Pink, Red and Gold Team Reviews) within a 2-day time span.

◘ Managed all proposal deliverables, production, and delivery logistics.

◘ Delivered compliant and responsive technical proposal response on-schedule and in accordance with client requirements.

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