On this page we highlight several qualitative & quantitative case studies. These case studies cover a range of professional disciplines and are representative of situations our SMEs encounter in their professional careers.

Spencer Cole consultants have been hired to assist several high-demand, high risk and near failing projects. On this page we highlight several qualitative & quantitative case studies. These case studies cover a range of professional disciplines and are representative of situations our SMEs encounter in their professional careers.  The following case studies are just a few of our success stories:

Case Study #1


Promoting Performance

Challenged with declining budgets and repeated schedule delays, this case study highlights Spencer Cole’s work to promote contractor performance in the completion of test development documents.

Promoting Contractor Performance

Case Study #2


Restoring Baselines

This case study highlights our work to help this organization resolve large unexplained program cost, schedule, labor and material variances that plagued the program IPT.

Restoring Baseline Costs/Schedules

Case Study #3


Rehost Trade Study

Spencer Cole Engineers performed a trade study to rehost Image Processor functions to front end sensors. We further defined the best value option for the program platform that supported defining a solution that met customer requirements for future subsystem modification.

Image Processor Rehost Trade Study

Case Study #4


Bid & Proposal Support

Provided our Federal Subcontractor client with comprehensive proposal development support services solutions to include compliance, assessments, management, writing, graphic design, reviews, production, proposal delivery and lessons learned.

Bid & Proposal Management Support/Schedules

Case Study #5

Product Development

Managing Product D&D Activities

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Managing Product Development Activities

Case Study #6


DMSMS: Eliminating Backlog

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Eliminating Years of Obsolescence Backlog

Case Study #7


Improving Product Yield

This case study details how our seasoned Spencer Cole Engineering staff developed and refined manufacturing processes to improve post production yield rates from 40% to 95%.

Improving Product Yield

Case Study #8


Database Re-Design

Spencer Cole Engineering staff revamped the Operations Performance Plant Reporting database to provide Engineering with an optimized data reporting tool. This case study highlights our work on this effort.

Database Re-Design

Case Study #9

Business Process

Reducing Process Lead-Time

Discover how we streamlined the creation of new product configurations and the resulting positive affects it had on both internal and external customers desiring specialized product configurations in this case study.

Reducing Process Lead-Time

Case Study #10

Data Management

Eliminating Manual Processes

This case study highlights Spencer Cole Data Management Engineers work to create an automated process to adjudicate aged data records; reduce government data processing time; verify accuracy of data; and, reduce processing back log.

Eliminating Manual Processes

Case Study #11

Program Management

Export Compliance Program Services

Spencer Cole serves as third party Export Compliance Managers for businesses interested in Exporting their products and services solutions within the international marketplace. This case study highlights our work to ensure compliance with ITAR and EAR.

Export Compliance Program Services

SCs owner realized an unmet need to deliver results. To meet this need Spencer Cole developed a proven system to address the hindrances to project success within an organization.  These methods facilitate better delivery of the technologies, products, and services solutions its customers deserve. Driven by results and customer satisfaction, SC welcomes the challenges, and dizzying rate of change created by this “new” economy. Should you desire more information regarding the above case studies, we welcome an opportunity to provide additional information — or, perhaps discuss ways we can assist your organization with similar issues.

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