Our intention for the LIBRARY is to be the future home of the Premiere Blog published by Spencer Cole, LLC.

Scheduled to arrive …  

February 1, 2019

The blog will cover topics including: small business development, business and professional growth, training, mentors, Engineering specialties such as Systems, Test, Software, Hardware Development and their respective lifecycles.

Excerpt of what’s to come:
“First of all, let’s talk about why I started the way I did. It was not difficult for me to determine that I needed an organization where I could grow, unbounded. This needed to be an organization that could help my family grow by being a resource for jobs, providing financial support, and becoming a pillar of strength during the challenging times. Additionally, I needed a place where I could dispense good to the community. A continuation, you could say, of the legacy initially started by my grandfather. I’m talking about Papa, Spencer Cole (aka ‘Boot’, ‘Butch’, ‘Spence’, or ‘Spencer’).”

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