These are the three phrases that capture the heart of Spencer Cole’s mission.

Spencer Cole delivers engineering and management consulting solutions — providing our customers with quality and value-added solutions that yield an immediate impact.

Exceeds Expectations. Innovative. Tailored Designs.

Mission, Results

While the skills associated with delivering value-added products and services are the same, each customer experiences is unique unto itself. That is the spirit behind tailored designs — solutions to fit your company’s issues, your industry, your corporate operations, and culture.

Our ability to perform thorough and quick assessments, assemble the right team, and design a solution to fit your needs are the cornerstone of how we do business and our continued success. Small, Flexible, Agile, and Responsive.  These are the characteristics of our company.  They enable us to scale our services to meet the demands of the customers we serve.

“The Result of Care”

About SPENCER Cole

Spencer Cole, LLC is Dallas-Fort Worth’s premiere engineering technology and management consultant company specializing in delivering industry dependent services and solutions. The company provides unique Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), Product Lifecycle Development, Program Management, Training, Capture and Proposal services and solutions to resolve complex problems within the Defense, Construction, Manufacturing, Health, and IT industries.