About Spencer Cole

Spencer Cole is comprised of a team of proactive, thorough, and prepared consultants with a proven track record of improving program execution by targeting solutions, integrating people, processes & product.” ~Anonymous

Our services are rooted in the following philosophy

Spencer Cole delivers industry dependent engineering services and solutions – providing our customers with quality value-added solutions that yield an immediate impact. It is our belief that through repeated and consistent delivery of exceptional products and services, the company will be a sought after leader in innovative and technically sound engineering systems.

Our Motto is simple.

Do it right! Do it well! And, be there throughout the process!Spencer Cole Marketing Coach
Spencer Cole, LLC, and its affiliates have over 100 years of combined talent.  These talents include program management, systems, software and hardware engineering as well as information technology (IT) expertise gained in various technologies and industries. Our SMEs have provided technical consulting support to leading companies in the defense, avionics, telecommunication, commercial and medical industries.

Spencer Cole delivers engineering solutions—providing our customers with quality and value-added products that yield an immediate impact.

Exceeds Expectations. Innovative. Tailored Designs.


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To be recognized as a leader in innovative and technically sound engineering systems.

Do it right!

Do it well!

And, be there throughout the process!

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Spencer Cole, LLC was established as the result of expanding services to provide a fresh perspective to our industry’s challenges in the areas of product development, program management and systems engineering design and support with value-added services in EVMS. After being hired to assist several high-demand, high risk and near failing projects, and after successfully:

◘ reversing negative contractor performance;

◘ eliminating years of obsolescence backlog;

◘ improving product yield;

◘ reducing process lead-time;

◘ restoring baseline costs/schedules;

eliminating manual processes;

◘ managing product development activities; and,

◘ image processor rehost trade study

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Spencer Cole’s owner first acquired the bug for entrepreneurship as early as February of 2007 where she began as an independent contractor.  After moving around the country following leads, and dissatisfied with the status quo, she decided to expand services to provide a fresh perspective to the industry’s challenges. While talking with her brother she decided to name the company after their grandfather, as a tribute to the life they saw him live before them… And, Spencer Cole, LLC was born on June 14, 2010.

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Responsiveness to act (either proactively or reactively) to changing requirements while providing best fit solutions and maintaining customer focus.

Thoroughness conscientiously attentive to accuracy and detail.

Excellence means no deliveries without merit.  Period.

About SPENCER Cole

Spencer Cole, LLC is Dallas-Fort Worth’s premiere engineering technology and management consultant company specializing in delivering industry dependent services and solutions. The company provides unique Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), Product Lifecycle Development, Program Management, Training, Capture and Proposal services and solutions to resolve complex problems within the Defense, Oil & Gas, Construction, Manufacturing, Health, and IT industries.

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